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Dark-field Microscopy and Physiological Testing Training Course

Dark-field Microscopy of Living Cells

Dark-field microscopy is used because it produces high contrast images without staining. Staining blood will destroy it's activity.

Dark-field Microscopy is a method of evaluating blood while it is biologically active. Blood is obtained by the finger-stick method under sterile conditions and observed using Dark-Field microscopy. There are many cells and substances that can be seen in biologically active blood, including lipids, indicators of toxicity, oxidation, etc. The Dark-Field microscope is an important tool used to evaluate candida albicans overgrowth. This book also covers physiological testing.

Dr. Allocca is a highly credentialed, experienced, and honored scientist. The information taught can be found in medical books. Click for Dr. Allocca's biography. Dr. Allocca has been teaching this course for more than 30 years.
Dark-Field Microscopy and Physiological Testing (Textbook)

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - The Microscope
Chapter 2 - Collecting and Preparing Specimens
Chapter 3 - Dark-field Identification
Chapter 7 - Hidden Infections
Chapter 5 - Microscope Supplies
Chapter 6 - Microscope Recommendations
Chapter 7 - Microphotography
Chapter 8 - Microscopy Form
Chapter 9 - CPT Codes
Chapter 10 - Orthomolecular Assessment and Reprocessing
Chapter 11 - Blood Pressure
Chapter 12 - Body Temperature
Chapter 13 - Zinc Sulfate Heptahydrate Test
Chapter 14 - Urinalysis
Chapter 15 - Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA)
Chapter 16 - Blood Glucose
Chapter 17 - Peripheral Vascular Sonography
Chapter 18 - Physiological Testing Equipment and Supplies
Chapter 19 - Nutritional Guidelines
Chapter 20 - BrainicityTM Brain Biofield Therapy

We teach microscopy and physiological testing. We do not teach an entire course in clinical nutrition. We have included a chapter in the textbook on "Nutritional Guidelines." It is not part of the course and you will not be testing on it. You will learn things like how to identify cells that indicate low iron. But, we don't tell you what to do for low iron. We don't believe one can learn nutrition in a weekend. Furthermore, to be a good nutritionist, one needs to have a good understanding of biochemistry. Don't worry, we have a solution - Orthomolecular Assessment and Reprogramming.

In most States only a licensed medical doctor or an employee of a licensed medical doctor can perform microscopic analysis or any kind of laboratory test. Chiropractors in New York and in many other States are not permitted to use microscopy unless they are under the direct supervison of a licensed physician. Call your state "Office of Professional Licensing" to find out the laws in your state. We do not ask for your credentials.
Legal Alternative

If you do not fit the legal qualifications for Dark-Field Microscopy, you may be interested in Orthomolecular Assessment and Reprogramming, which does NOT require the same medical license as does microscopy testing. Orthomolecular Assessment and Reprogramming Data Processing Service for Healthcare Practitioners is Advanced Scientific Technology for Mind and Body
  • Improve Energy, Endurance, and Performance
  • Prevent Stroke & Heart Attack
  • Prevent Migraine and other Neurotransmitter problems
  • Reduce Pain
  • Reduce Stress
  • Weight Loss
  • More...
Orthomolecular Assessment and Reprogramming produces an individualized step-by-step plan geared towards each person's specific health needs. It covers biochemical reprogramming though nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, and brain biofield therapy (BrainicityTM).

There are hundreds of biochemical pathways in the body that interact with positive and negative feedback. Are nutrients being absorbed into the blood stream? Are nutrients being transported into the cells? Is oxidative phosphorylation optimized? How are nutrients interacting with each biochemical pathway and with each other? It becomes so complex that it requires a computer program to analyze it all.

What is a BrainicityTM?
The heart produces electromagnetic signals, which is called electrocardiography (ECG) or the heart biofield. The brain produces electromagnetic signals, which is called electroencephalography (EEG) or the brain biofield. BrainicityTM uses integrated harmonic wave audio patterns to facilitate multiple brain biofield resonances. In summary, BrainicityTM generates a unique waveform with a specific number of harmonics. This special waveform at two different frequencies are fed into the brain via headphones to produce an interpreted single frequency that is within the brains biofield of delta, theta, and alpha range.

Orthomolecular Assessment and Reprogramming Tests Analyzed:
    Height and Weight
    Blood Pressure
    Daytime Core Temperature
    Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (body composition)
    Symptoms Questionnaire
    Zinc Taste Test (optional)
    Pulse Oximetry (optional)
    Fasting Blood Glucose (optional)
    Peripheral Vascular Doppler Ultrasound* (optional)
    Standard Blood Tests** (optional)
    Dark Field Microscopy*** (optional)

Orthomolecular Assessment and Reprogramming Report:
    Patient Information
    Conditions which may Interfere with Good Health
    Calculated Basal Metabolic Rate
    Calculated Body Mass Index
    Urinalysis and other Tests Results with Explanations
    Symptoms Probability Profile (color bar graph)
    Biological Age Factors
    Food and Supplement Recommendations

For more information: Orthomolecular Assessment and Reprocessing. Call us at 631.757.3919 for more information.

Microscopy Sales

We do not sell microscopes. However, in the course, we recommend specific Nikon microscopes.


A good quality Nikon microscope, such as the E200-LED configured for dark-field with video will cost approximately $5,800 (list price). Without video, it will cost approximately $3,200 (list price). Morrell Instruments offers a discount. The exact parts list and contact information is in the textbook.
Dark-field Microscopy and Physiological Testing Distance Training Course

The course uses a textbook and a video. You may ask questions via email or during your any of your zoom sessions. You will receive a certificate of completion upon passing the final examination.

The course includes:
1. Video in mp4 format (download)
2. Textbook in pdf format (download)
3. Dark-Field Identification Chart in pdf format (download)
4. Final Exam in txt format (download)

Distance Dark-field Microscopy and Physiological Testing Distance Training Course, $199.00
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